Pinkava Truhlarstvi/Woodworker Project

Pinkava Truhlarstvi Business Cards

Finding the core identity of a Czech Village Woodworker

In Czech, Truhlarstvi means ‘Joiner’, or Wood Worker/ Carpenter. Robert Pinkava’s business Pinkava Truhlarstvi is an older woodworking business so I wanted to capture that older feeling with the logo, fonts and the colors. The brown and beige color combo represents an older, woody feeling. The fonts range from an older typeset to a hand written script and finally to keep the card professional, I used a beautiful modern font that is purely used for the clean asthetic.

“The work you do is great. We do work for older people who have an old fashion style. I love how you created the same feeling that I want for my business and use it into the logo.”

Designing a brand around a company should not be the same every time. In fact, each brand I create aren’t even close to the same style because every business owner wants to project a unique style that represents their target market and  ideas. Pinkava Truhlarstvi really puts this idea into perspective.

Creating a logo and business cards for this company was a lot of fun and I’m looking forward to working with other local companies who want to stand out with an old fashioned appeal.


The client wanted a business card for his woodworking shop that would appeal to an older crowd using the logo I created for his company.


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