DITCH THE DONGLE More ports, more storage, less time
looking for your damn dongle.

Upgrade Your Laptop

A laptop shell protective cover with an integrated mount and removable accessory. Never again will you forget your USB hub, lose your dongle or take apart your computer to upgrade it.

Sleek, Compact & Simple

Your computer now has more ports, card slots and/or storage. It still looks minimal and clean and the computer will still fit in those tight places. No need to unplug or lose your usb hub or forget to bring your external hard drive anymore.


Expand the functionality of your computer based on what you need.

Multiple Accessories

Memory card slots, connection ports, SSD storage and/or more. Users can choose their own FlexHub accessory or multiple FlexHub accessories. No need to uninstall any part of the protective cover or computer to swap or upgrade.

2 Patents Pending

Preliminary patent search & 2 provisional patents filed with the USPTO

Accessory & Mount

A patent pending mount and removable accessory allows users to store their accessory on the computer at all times. If the user wants to store their computer in a compact place or exchange the accessory, it can easily be removed.

Flexible Connector

The patent pending flexible connector allows users to easily connect and disconnect the computer to the FlexHub. The flat cable and right angle connection allow the device to be connected all the time without the risk of getting the plug caught on other objects.

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