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Even if you don’t remember, while in high school, I’ll bet you used to sit in class and sometimes dream about your dream job. I actually had that job. I was designing rims for a company called Detata which can be seen in movies like 8 Mile and music videos from the early 2000’s.

How did I get a job like that? Well, my high school graphic design teacher, Mr. Manchee, loved the things I would create for companies all over colorado and he was friends with the owner of Detata. One morning, Mr. Manchee walked up to my desk and asked me to come into his office. I thought I was in trouble. He sat me down and asked me how I would like to design rims? What was I going to say? No? He told me to draw some ideas and meet with his friend Kieth the following Monday morning.

On Monday, I showed up to the Detata office with drawings and met with Keith and showed him. I was nervous that he wouldn’t like my ideas… but thankfully he was excited to see the ideas I had. One of the first ideas I ever showed him ended up being a best seller for Detata and was featured as the hottest item of the year in Motor Trends magazine. All of the rims I designed were featured in Magazines and were sold internationally.

Watching expensive cars ride around on my designs… words can’t describe that feeling.

Here are some magazine ad prints which feature my designs, my designs on trucks and a few closer looks.

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