Custom Wheel Design

Even if you don’t remember, while in high school, I’ll bet you used to sit in class and sometimes dream about your dream job. I actually had that job. I was designing rims for a company called Detata which can be seen in movies like 8 Mile and music videos from the early 2000’s. How […]

Plywood Lighting Design

Plywood Lighting Design I had just finished installing our bathroom mirror which I had attached a 6mm thick piece of plywood the back to support the light strip and wall mounts. We had more than enough plywood left over to play with, so my wife asked me to make something with it, she suggested a […]

Product Sources, Plugins and other resources for Dropshipping with WP

Product Sources, Plugins and other resources for Dropshipping with WP So you want to start dropshipping, that’s great! But where are you going to source your products and how can you make the process easier? A beautiful thing about dropshipping is the fact that you have unlimited options for sourcing products because you’re not limited […]

Free & Paid Graphics

Free & Paid Images, Graphics and Fonts You’re here because designing your site and you need images, graphics and a logo, so you’ll also need some nice font. You’ve got a few options… you can take or create the images yourself, you can find several paid image stock sites with a simple Google search, or […]

I’m a Udemy Instructor

One of the most gratifying and rewarding things you can do is to teach someone something that you’re passionate about. I’ve only had a little bit of experience teaching but each time I’ve taught people how to market or design something, I get several thank you’s and one way or another, my income grows. With […]

A quick hello and welcome

My new portfolio. Pretty cool right? I’m pretty fond of it. I’m always looking for portfolio projects and new directions so I would love to hear from you if you or anyone you know would like to take an idea and turn it into a business, ready to launch. I take a lot of pride […]


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